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Select from 13 different Humorous candles.  Each are 9oz Soy candle jars.  

Asshole Repellent (Vanilla Lemon Scent)- Mean people suck.  Keep those asshole away!  Best if burned among friends.  Results may vary.

Best Friends (Smells like love) - We'll be friends 'til we're old & senile....Then wi'll be new friends!

Cat Lady - (odor eliminator scent) Cat Love? No Problem? Let's face it, cats can be stinky but we love them anyway.  Light this odor eliminator to hel you love them even more.

Divorced AF (smells like freedom)  Yeah it sucks, but...It was worth every penny!

Hold My Beer and Watch This! (smells like trouble)  Famous last words before another trip to the ER.

I'm done with all the Political Bullshit (smell like voting)  Your vote counts.  Get out and do it, so we can all stop bitching.  Let's be honest, the bitching will never stop!

Best Boss Award (does not smell like kiss ass).  This is NOT a suck up gift! You truly are an awesome boss! However, if you gave me a raise right now, I wouldn't turn it down - just sayin'
Family (smells like a circus!)  Our family is just one tent away from being a full blown circus.
Coffee Me! (smells like Wonderful Coffee!)  Do stupid things, faster with more energy.
Forget that Dirtbag (Smells like dirt)  Thinking of your EX?  Just light this candle & soon the aroma of "dirt" will remind you that you are Better off without them!  Results may vary.
Midlife Crisis (smells like a sexy man in leather)  Don't go doing do something stupid.  Just sit back, light this candle and fantasize!  Let's be honest, divorce costs too much!
Never - in my whole life would i have imagined that one day my hands would consume more alcohol than my mouth.


My Last Nerve - And look it's on fire so don't f*** with me!